St. Louis Restaurant Review Seeking Delivery Drivers

St. Louis Restaurant Review is seeking delivery drivers to support local restaurants.

ST. LOUIS, MO (STLPress.News) St. Louis Restaurant Review is an online publication that publishes restaurant news and reviews about St. Louis area restaurants.  Additionally, they offer eOrderSTL, an online ordering system through which restaurants can make their menus available online, making delivery an option.  Therefore, they are seeking delivery drivers.

Their delivery is integrated using ShipDay, a system designed to provide professional delivery to consumers.  A driver app makes it easy for drivers to be notified of orders and know what time to pick up, what time to deliver, and to what address to deliver it.

Drivers are paid a flat fee plus the tip.  St. Louis Restaurant Review nor the restaurants keep any of the delivery fees or tips.

For more information, visit the Delivery Driver page on St. Louis Restaurant Review or call/text +1 417-529-1133.